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haha.. Warman's 'protectors' just gave him a big 'middle-finger' salute. He must be psychologically devastated.

The Tribunal effectively accused Warman himself of breaking the law ..
Richard Warman is a discredited man .. Warman’s own favourite Tribunal says so. Warman is done.
I’m stunned by how far Warman’s reputation has crumbled in the past year.

Cross-examination is under oath, of course. Lying under oath is called perjury. The Tribunal noted that, at first, Warman didn’t tell the truth. The Tribunal didn’t use the word “lie”; it just pointed out that Warman’s original answers under oath weren’t true. Again, regular people would say “what a liar!” It’s not the first time for Warman.
Ezra Levant makes additional interesting observations on this ruling.
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