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MGM acquires movie rights to book on GameStop v hedge funds saga

1 Feb, 2021 14:53

Although amateur traders are still locked into their multibillion dollar battle with Wall Street’s top hedge funds, MGM has acquired the film rights to a book on the timely tale.

$GME (GameStop) stock closed high on Friday, a day after data firm Ortex revealed that short sellers lost a whopping $70 billion on it and stocks like it in January. Within hours of the closing bell ringing in New York, MGM acquired the film rights to ‘The Antisocial Network’, an upcoming book on the story by bestselling author Ben Mezrich, Deadline reported on Sunday.

Mezrich confirmed the news later that night, tweeting a short and simple “YOLO.”

The book hasn’t yet found a publisher, and the story is very much still developing. However, the David versus Goliath tale has quickly become the year’s biggest news story.

Ben Mezrich (/ˈmɛzrɪk/ MEZ-rik;[2] born February 7, 1969) is an American author. (...) He was raised in a Conservative Jewish household