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HBO becomes SEVENTH company to produce film on GameStop mania as Hollywood & Wall Street rush to cash in on ‘Reddit Rebellion’

5 Feb, 2021 23:42 / Updated 13 hours ago

HBO is developing its own movie on the GameStop stock frenzy, the seventh film project to emerge from the debacle as major Hollywood production houses race to milk every penny out of the grassroots “rebellion” against Wall Street.
For those keeping score, HBO’s is the seventh major project to be put into development about the stock surge. There have already been two documentaries announced, a scripted Netflix feature from ‘Hurt Locker’ screenwriter Mark Boal, a miniseries titled ‘To the Moon’, an MGM adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s forthcoming book ‘The Antisocial Network’, as well as a possible project from Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment.

The sheer number of production houses racing to bleed the story for all it’s worth already has many on social media shaking their heads and losing interest.
Though the drama of the ‘Reddit Rebellion’ has been widely billed as little guys sticking it to Wall Street fat cats, it wasn’t only small-time amateur traders who made out like bandits from the short squeeze. Some professional hedge fund managers also made big money, such as the New York-based Senvest Management. Richard Mashaal and Brian Gonick, who run the firm, say they raked in a profit of nearly $700 million after noticing the stock rallying back in September. As of Friday, GameStop’s share price sits more than 700 percent higher than it did at that time, despite a significant crash since its peak in late January.