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Robinhood CEO claims to be hiding in ‘undisclosed location,’ supposedly facing DEATH THREATS over restricting ‘meme stock’ trading

16 Feb, 2021 19:31

Vlad Tenev, CEO of now-infamous stock-trading app Robinhood, is supposedly hiding out in an “undisclosed location” avoiding what he claims are threats to his life as he prepares to testify at Congress.

Tenev is awaiting a Thursday hearing on the GameStop upset, apparently hiding out in a hotel out of fear of going home due to what he insisted to Bloomberg are “angry client mobs” making death threats against him.

The Robinhood co-founder incurred massive loathing from the internet after his trading platform began imposing seemingly arbitrary one-stock purchase limits on GameStop ($GME) and nearly 50 other stocks popular with Reddit’s day-trading community WallStreetBets last month, including special investment vehicle Churchill Capital Investment ($CCIV), theatre operator AMC ($AMC), and smartphone maker turned security services vendor BlackBerry.