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Welcome to the broadcast… very happy to be with the folks at VNN tonight.

Tonight I’d like to talk about the Germans and their role in our history, and I think it necessary to mention that although my surname is German, I am not a full blooded German. I’m proud to be a full blooded Aryan though, but my blood is more Scots-Irish than German. My world view though is pan-Aryan, and is based in the European experience in America, and in that regard I’m not much of a chauvinist among European nationalities. I’ll also be discussing Christianity tonight, and, in contrast, I’ll let the listener decide what exactly I think about that subject.

The twentieth century, as we know, was a particularly dreadful time for our race, and what emerged after WWI and WWII was unlike what preceded it. What happened to our nations was nothing short of apocalyptic; many cities in continental Europe lay in rubble and entombed in that rubble were millions of our kin. Even those nations not bombed would soon undergo a cultural revolution as destructive as anything unleashed by a bombing run. Those slaughtered, the Americans, English, French, Russians, Italians, and Germans were often the fittest of our breed. And please keep in mind when I say Americans, English, French, Russians, Italians, and Germans I'm talking our flesh and blood, often our best flesh and blood. War is dysgenic; it sacrifices the bravest, most fearless, and courageous of our kind.

Official history tells us the Germans caused both wars and lost them both, but the real loser was our race. Among the parties involved in these fratricidal conflicts of the twentieth century it is the Germans, in particular, that I wish to talk about tonight. The Germans are - or were - no ordinary people; they are among our race’s finest specimens. Even today the average IQ in Germany is 102, among the highest in Europe. In contrast the United States' average IQ is 98 and, I suspect, that number is dropping quickly.

Links: Battle of Teutoberg Forest

The German tribes that emerged from the hyperborean regions of antiquity met, and held, the Romans legions at the Rhine. In AD 9 the Romans sent 3 legions into German lands. Deep in the Teutoburg forest the Romans and the Germans met. The legions led by Varus and the Germans by Hermanius. The Germans slaughtered the Romans to a man. The battle of Teutoburg forest is an interesting tale, yet the point is the Germans were, even before encountering the Romans, an intelligent race capable of defeating the Romans on the field of battle. Even the Greeks with their formidable hoplites and the Egyptians with their navy fell before Romans, not so the Germans. Julius Evola saw the Germans not so much as warriors but as the bearers of a new culture, one that would reinvigorate the decaying Roman Empire - the 'light of the north.' Evola and others argued it was the Germans that remade Christianity making it meaningful to the Aryan culture of Europe.

As the Roman Empire in the West decayed, the Germans filled the empire staffing its armies and rising to rule. They brought to the old empire a renewed sense of duty, honor, and youth; importantly they remade Judaic Christianity - which had spread like cancer in the decaying empire. I'll speak more about Evola's views on German culture and their impact on Christianity and decaying Roman Empire later in the broadcast. Anyway, the destruction of Germany in 1945 weighs most heavily upon us, for they, as Pierce said, were among the best of our people.

In 2003 the sociologist Charles Murray, a coauthor of the Bell Curve, published Human Accomplishment which surveyed recorded history from 800 BC – 1950 AD. The purpose for writing Human Accomplishment was to identify those precious few individuals responsible for creating the greatest works of art, literature and significant scientific discoveries. Like the Bell Curve, Human Accomplishment was subject to great criticism from the priests of political correctness, and for that reason alone it deserves to be read. Using a rigorous and consistent methodology Murray confirms what Pierce declared, the Germans are indeed among the very best of our kind.

Map of Holy Roman Empire

One section, on pages 301-303, of Human Accomplishment features outline maps of Europe onto which blue dots are affixed. Each blue dot represents an individual responsible for a significant accomplishment(s) in the arts or sciences. Readers will note Germany is filled with blue dots, as is Northern Italy and Southern England; America has few dots, China and India less, and Latin America and Africa almost nothing. Some will recognize this area of Europe filled with blue dots - with the exception of England - as borders of the Holy Roman Empire (843-1806). For purposes of later in the broadcast I wish to now note the boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire extend beyond the Rhine into the German heartland, that large chunk of middle Europe which the Romans never conquered, a place in Europe where the “roman sword” – as some say - never cut.

Understanding the Holy Roman Empire requires knowledge of geography and history few Europeans, much less Americans, possess. But suffice it to say the empire was incubator of European culture and nobility. The empire founded by Charlemagne (747-814) was the empire of the German princes, the empire of ancient European nobility, the home of the Hapsburgs, the Saxon, and Hohenstaufen houses. I list these names of Franco-Germanic aristocratic families to demonstrate their pedigree is quite old and the Germans a noble race. Tacitus (56-117), a Roman Historian, perhaps the first Chronicler of the Germans, regarded the tribes and the rulers

of Germany as free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves.
On leadership he said,

They choose their kings by birth, their generals for merit. These kings have not unlimited or arbitrary power, and the generals do more by example than by authority. If they are energetic, if they are conspicuous, if they fight in the front, they lead because they are admired. But to reprimand, to imprison, even to flog, is permitted to the priests alone, and that not as a punishment, or at the general's bidding, but, as it were, by the mandate of the god whom they believe to inspire the warrior.
Tacitus’s description of the Germans is not one of a group needing “Roman civilization” of any kind, much less “Christian civilization.”

It has been asserted by some that Christianized Romans brought "civilization" to the Germans via the “Roman sword.” Well, as we have seen the Romans made little progress in military actions against the Germans. Anyway, the story goes like this: the “'Roman sword' and the Christian message civilized the barbarian German tribes”. I disagree with this theory.

The Roman Empire is not to be confused with the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic was compromised of Italian tribes like the Romans, Volsci, Aequi and others. The Republic was a tribal thing, it was not Christian it had no explicit ideology of universalism, though it was flexible and offered the conquered some autonomy. Remember that it was the Roman Republic that produced political thinkers and philosophers such as Cicero and Cato, while the Empire produced lechers and the dissolute like Nero and Caligula. It was the Republic that developed a complex political system with divided government, while it was the empire that was a centralized autocratic institution ruling in a manner of oriental despotism. The empire, which was consolidated by Augustus in the first century, metastasized into a polyglot multicultural cesspool, much the America today, with pretensions of world rule. Perhaps we can make an analogy to the old American Republic and the empire we now live under. Where the American Republic created statesmen like Jefferson Davis and John C. Calhoun in contrast the American Empire has produced us George Bush and Bill Clinton. Where the American Republic produced poets like Edgar Allen Poe the American Empire offers Maya Angelou instead.

The Romans – both Empire and Republic - conquered much of Western Europe but also Asia Minor, Egypt, North Africa, and for a time Mesopotamia; these “conquered” alien cultures returned the favor, exporting back to Rome their oriental religions. Cosmopolitan dissolution overtook Rome and destroyed the heritage and customs of the Italian tribes. Christianity was only one of the many cults to come to Rome.

After the rise of the empire both the quality and quantity of literature and art declined, and, in course, the politics became centralized and despotic. The discipline of the Roman army also declined, as was demonstrated in the crushing defeats at Adrianople (378) and Chalons (451). The observances of ancient customs were neglected. Soon, bizarre cults replaced Italian beliefs, one of which was the Judaic sect called Christianity. But how could Judaic system take root in Europe?

Now we return to Evola. When we look at European history and culture we don't see the ethics of Judaism, instead we see the culture of chivalry, honor, fealty, sacrifice, and a not a culture of petty money grubbing and narrow ethnocentrism typifying Judaism. This chivalric spirit came from the Northern-Aryan culture that lay for centuries to the north of Rome – just beyond its reach.

[Read from P. 298 and 299 of Evola's RATMW]

When we strip the layers of Aryan customs, art, and spiritual inspiration that the Germans – and other European tribes – layered onto Christianity nothing but a provincial Levantine cult remains. When you think of Christian civilization think of the Grail story, Tristan and Isolde, the Song of Roland, Albrecht Durer, Holdbein, Bach, Handel, Stain Glassed Windows, Feudal Law, Gothic Churches, this is Christianity, this is what are ancestors fought for and not some indecipherable Jewish scribbling. When we strip out the Aryan covering on Christianity all that is left is the sterile nub of Christian Zionism, or Judeo-Christianity. Reduced Christianity is lifeless, harsh, unimaginative, uncreative, narrow, and inflexible. It is not a vessel of culture, but the acid of anti-culture.

Let’s look at the accomplishments of Christianity in the last 60 years. Have we witnessed the construction of any magnificent churches? Most churches today look like strip malls or Wal-Marts. What about other art? A few years ago I visited a few local protestant churches and do you know what I heard? I heard not the music of Handel, Bach or Beethoven but the beat of drums and the rhythms of Africa. The churches have disposed of the Aryan for the African. Ok, but what about Christian influence in politics? Christians, in too many circumstances, have merely become lap dogs for the state of Israel. Sure, they also fight a rear-guard battle against Homosexuality while, ironically, voting for a party whose leadership is packed with queers.

Most churches whether Catholic or Protestant are enthusiastic promoters of third world immigration. This Christian betrayal of Whites has been going on for some time; many of Rhodesia’s Christians weakened the resolve of whites in that nation, now named Zimbabwe; the Christian churches of South Africa also fell in line and passively allowed the black takeover of South Africa; and now the American Churches are working to weaken America by encouraging miscengation and mass immigration.

I think somewhere under that rubble of bombed out Germany is or was the answer to our crises of faith. Germany I suspect had the seed of regeneration, perhaps a revivified form of Christianity, perhaps something new.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):