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The NSDAP was not the only nationalist Party in Germany back then.And the question remains as to why the DNVP got only 8% of the votes.Why they managed to get only a small portion of the middle class votes and why no german worker voted much less participated in this party.

These are not "irrelevant" questions and to deem them as such is highly irresponsible to say the least.The answer to these questions is the economical standpoint of the NSDAP.Or,even more important,the perceived economical standpoint of the NSDAP by the german worker and the population as a whole.

Because,seriously,if we are to do no socio-economical analyzing of these important matters but rather stay theorizeing about "jewish dominance" day in day out than we should better take the path of the DNVP instead.

This fact becomes even more obvious when one listens to the good things people who lived through the time said afterwards: "We had no unemploment,everyone had work,the class bounderies were partly overcome etc".

The economical standpoint,or how you call it:"egalitarian socialist Class Struggle",is actually the most important of all points today as it was back then.

When Faustrecht sings:"The reward for overcoming this system will be freedom and just wages for our hard work" they speak for millions of Germans who feel the same way.Even those currently not in the movement.Left as well as right.

Btw i would like to inform you,since as a Belgian you dont seem up to date with the german movement,that Faustrecht does rather good and are very popular among German nationalists and that what you call a "tiny sect of Strasserists" is actually becoming ever stronger and accepted "worldview" among German nationalists.At least those actually active within the movement.Not talking about the "net-nazis".
In the age of Globalization,its not the international Left,but the nationalist Right,which is the true anticapitalist force,which will set restrictions on the international Capital and will secure and improve the nation-state as a social shelter.