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the socio-economical standpoint of the NSDAP and the of DNVP was the major and crucial difference betwenn these two nationalist parties.

Only 35% of Germans were middle-class in the Weimar Republic.To not be a Workers Party would be sheer madness.The immidiate political interests of the working class Germans were fundamentaly different than those of the middle class.While the working class has had to confront poverty,hunger and exploitation for the middle class other issues were more important.

Some more important statistics: By 1932 the NSDAP got 25% of the workers votes which is more than the 23% of the communists (KPD) and the 22% of the Social Democrats (SPD). Now as a Belgian you might not know but both the KPD and the SPD were very working-class oriented and had a tight grip over their clientele.For example: today there are german families who proudly present the SPD party books of their grand-grandfather,proudly saying that they are 4th generation SPD members etc. For a third Party to break into this clientele and actually win the biggest share of the workers votes speaks volumes about the essence and ideals of NS.

A even more important statistic in my opinion is that from the very beginning a constant 40% of the Party were working class Germans.Tis means that the NSDAP saw itself from the very beginning as a workers party (with all the cosnequences this has for the actual propaganda,ideals as well as objectives the party would have) and in turn attracted german workers thereby.

The DNVP on the other hand prefered a return to the pre-wordlwar1 Germany. They wanted to reerect Kaiser Germany.While this rectionery view would have appeased part of the middle class Germans (as it actually did) it was a big no no for working class Germans. No matter how disappointed and angry they were at the failed Weimar Republic they under no circumstances wanted a return to the pre-1914 capitalist oppression and exploitation of the Kaiser Germany.Eventually the workers votes were split among the SPD,KPD and NSDAP with the latter gaining the biggest piece of the pie.

Also very interesting the fact that the NSDAP attracted the lower-middle class.Which means that the NSDAP attracted the poorest members of the middle-class.Oversimlyfying we can safely say that the NSDAP was a Party of the people.The normal everyday Germans and usually poorest members of all classes.

This fact is neither "fictious",nor "ludicrous",or "irrelevant" on the contrary its of the outmost importance and not understanding it is irresponsible and for todays day and age (especially in Germany dont know how you Belgians stand economically but as far as i know the flemish part is rather wealthy in contrast to the rest of the land) it would be outright madness to not accept it.

By closing some points about Faustrecht.Sure their good music might be one of the reasons the band has a big popularity among German nationalists but i guess that their lyrics have a great role to play in that too.

One last thing: i dont know if i can be called a "Strasserist" by your definition but i will say it that way: i'm sorry to inform you that of today more than 1/3 of German activists see the things the way i see them.And constantely rising. In the near future we eventually weed out all reactionery elements from the movement here.

Concluding let me say that of course i understand the racial point in the struggle and i never denied it.The problem is though that if i speak freely what i have in mind about non-whites and jews it will get me in trouble with the german law.This is one of the reasons i may sound "toned down" on these also important issues.

The other reason why i didnt focus more on the racial struggle in the interview i gave was that i felt that this has been already done successfully by other members on the forum and the broadcasts.I thought i might give another,unfortunately forgotten, angle to the historical processes which affect us today.

The third reason was my hope that i might get some communists/socialists listen to the interview get more interested in NS and eventually planting the seeds which would bring them to us.
In the age of Globalization,its not the international Left,but the nationalist Right,which is the true anticapitalist force,which will set restrictions on the international Capital and will secure and improve the nation-state as a social shelter.