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Originally Posted by alex
Oversimlyfying we can safely say that the NSDAP was a Party of the people.The normal everyday Germans and usually poorest members of all classes.
I am glad we basically come to the same conclusion. Not that this is absolutely necessary (vive la différence!), but it would be a shame to let this aforementioned criticism go sour.

Yes, I agree. The NSDAP was a people's party, dedicated to preservation of Volk and Kultur.
Your other point in the TTIND-interview should be repeated here: contrary to the post-WW2 disinformation and propaganda the NSDAP wasn't the bully for capitalists, not was it a bulwark for outdated reactionaries. Contrary to present-day defamation of Trotsyites we do need to stress that only the NSDAP took on a strong anti-plutocratic stance. That this coincided with an anti-Jewish policy is only too logical.

But I would have laid my emphasis quite differently. My main objection was to your reaction to Kevin MacDonald's analysis of collectivist tendencies as merely "middle class". That could only be construed as offensive and derogatory, certainly when said by someone preaching class struggle.
Maybe you aren't familiar with his writings. In that case please do look them up.

Personally I quite follow Henry Ford's remark that "ideology is bunk", i.e. choosing an evolutionairy strategy depending on the circumstances of time and location, i.e. a total pragmatism, where biological and cultural preservation are primary and the rest is only secondary. But then again that is a personal approach.

The analogy I always bring up is the following: basically we are milk-venders, regardless of the packaging. We sell a particular content. Yesterday our content was in glass. Today it is in carton and Odin knows what it might be tomorrow.
From this perspective I deem the NSDAP's socialism as the right packaging for that given period, and that we remain open for all alterations.
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