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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I will coin 'malfie,' for a shot taken by a malicious other to make someone look bad.

Notice the choices involved in the photo:

- photographer chooses to shoot the subject from below (which always makes the subject appear to loom over someone, like frankstein);
- fotog chooses to shoot 3/4 angle (from which very, very few people look good)
- fotog chooses to shoot at a moment when the subject's facial expression reads as negative as possible (whiny, petulant, crabby, self-pitying, greedy)

All these technical choices amount to one greater or strategic, political choice: to make the subject appear bad as possible.

You will find these shots over and over again in the controlled media, always predictable in their political orientation.
The bastard made her look like Baron von Raschke smelling a Ric Flair fart.
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