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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
One left in reply to that traitor-scum Scocca:

"When will white people stop wallowing in their victim status and put some effort into improving themselves, like regular Americans do?"

Ha. You filthy Cultural Marxist cunt you.

Only poor students who've made the grade should be shown any preference; that's meritocracy coupled with a measure of economic justice.

But of course, that would do nothing to "enrich" the universities by further blackening & browning them, since studies have shown that blacks from wealthy backgrounds STILL get lower grades than white students from poor families.

And cracka-hatin' leftist vermin like Tom the Cunt cannot abide the natural results of such racial reality, hence the continued injustice of AA bolstered with mountains of mountains of sanctimonious bullshit.
Great stuff. Scocca is particularly scummy. Very rare for an Italian (I assume) he has that sniffy, onionskin sensitivity one associates with WASPs.