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Default "Swiss Folk's Party" member sentenced for Twittering a maybe Crystalnight for Moslems:

What's surprising is that despite typing the word, "maybe", whatever they charged him with stuck. Also puzzling is how the court was able to accuse him of violating the "human dignity" of Moslems, despite them being pointed out as religious entities and not biological ones. Obviously, did the court not take ethnic Swiss Moslems into account. The court decided to somehow connect the word, "Kristallnacht" to "discrimination against Jews", as if they have a copyrighton this particular word and any use of this word for any other purpose automatically poses a crime, evidently, no matter for what purpose. What would have happened if he would have used the words, "Death march through the Syrian desert", for example. In that case, the court would be forced to tack on extra charges of copyright violations for a phrase which strictly belongs to Armenians?

...«Vielleicht brauchen wir wieder eine Kristallnacht ... diesmal für Moscheen». Damit habe der Mann nicht nur gegen die Menschenwürde der Muslime verstossen, sagte der Gerichtsvorsitzende am Montag. Der Hinweis, eine Kristallnacht sei nötig gewesen, diskriminiere auch Juden...

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