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Default Pay Your Taxes, Goy, Because of that Awful Hitler, Says Disney Toon

"..The narrator then asks the audience if they are going to "spend for the Axis" or "save for taxes.."

"..The second part of the film is a montage entirely recycled from The New Spirit, showing how the taxes are being used to make planes, bombs, ships, and other war materials. It then shows them being used against Axis forces, along with the repeated slogan "Taxes...to (bury, sink, etc.) the Axis", accompanied by the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (the "V for Victory" theme).."

"..The Spirit of '43 is an American animated World War II propaganda film created by Walt Disney Studios in 1942 and released in January 1943. The film stars Donald Duck, and arguably contains the first appearance of the character Scrooge McDuck, although Scrooge is not named in the film. It is a sequel to The New Spirit. The purpose of the film is to encourage patriotic Americans to file and pay their income taxes faithfully in order to help the war effort. The repeated theme in the film is "Taxes...To Defeat the Axis."

The film, along with Der Fuehrer's Face and others like it, was released on DVD by Disney in 2004.."

^^^^This is what's know as 'tangible proof'. Please explain how this is not Govt propaganda bullshit. Gracias!
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