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Default Walt Allegedly Wore Mama's Nightgowns n' Make-up

Sorry to all snowflakey Disney ninny suckers. Sucks to lose your fantasy of wholesome goodness, but it is just that.

Actually, not sorry.

People who can't face facts don't deserve to be coddled from truth.

Here is Walt's bro once again. Real close to Walt. Says he wore their mom's nighties and make-up, among other things.



"..Roy Disney, eight years his senior, was his confidant and mentor.[31] Often Walt would fall asleep huddled close to his older brother, wondering aloud if the man who beat them could really be their father and why their mother never stepped in to stop the abuse.[32] “When we were kids,” Disney told one of his associates many years later, “Roy and I slept in the same bed. I used to wet the bed and I’ve been pissing up Roy’s leg ever since.”[33]
Other times, during the day, to see if [Walt] bore any resemblance to his mother, he would sneak into her bedroom, put on her clothes and make up his face and then stand in front of the mirror.[34] There was no time for frivolous attention to girls.[35].."

May be total crap, and may not.

The Mason aspect and subliminals ought to do it for anyone who 'hath understanding'. And by that I don't mean the Biblical kind, I mean the real kind.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier