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A demonstration on December 8th 2018 at Eliseo? The yellow jackets want to "search" Macron

After the clashes of November 24th, after the scenes of chaos and revolts of December 1st, what will happen on December 8th? While it is still too early to say, some instigators are already asking for the mobilization for the fourth consecutive Saturday. And this time, the call is very clear: the goal is called the Elysee.

On one of the main pages of Facebook – "Angry yellow vests" – an "Act 4" is announced for December 8 with the following description: "For all those who are motivated and if things do not move, Saturday, December 8 we will all go (Emmanuel Macron, ed) look for how he had asked. Must take. " The venue of the event, however, remains the Champs-Elysees.

The formulation is harmless, refers to a sentence by Emmanuel Macron pronounced in the margins of the Benalla case that he launched in front of his followers: "If they want a boss, it's in front of you! (…) Let them come and take me." I reply to the French people! "

And although data on network membership is a very dangerous indicator of the reality of participation in a movement, 16,000 Internet users have already announced their participation (knowing that the Paris events did not exceed half of this figure according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, the only ones available) and 95,000 people were "interested" in the middle of the afternoon.

A crisis meeting took place on Sunday 2 at midday at Eliseo to consider the continuation of the chaotic day of the day before. Note that during the last two rounds on Saturday, the Elysée (like the Matignon or the National Assembly) has been isolated from a "safe perimeter".