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In Paris on 13 protesters charged with damage to the arc de Triomphe

December 5, 2018

In Paris (France) 13 detainees charged with causing damage to the arc de Triomphe during the protests. It is reported RBC-Ukraine, referring to Liberation.

Three accused, including one juvenile placed in detention cells awaiting trial, other law enforcement agencies was released on bail.

The detainees are accused of “harming the object of cultural heritage”.

Note, the protesters, who opposed the increase in fuel prices, left on the walls of the arc de Triomphe, one of the symbols of France, the inscriptions like “Macron resign”, “the triumph of the yellow jackets.”

Note, in the course of protests in France killed four people. The victims of the protests may become more – in a coma is a 28-year-old man injured in Saturday’s clashes with police in Toulouse.

The Paris police reported that as a result of clashes on 1 December between protesters against the increase in fuel taxes from 2019 and police officers were arrested 412 people, 133 people were injured, including police officers.