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Originally Posted by alex revision View Post
Nazi-hunter calls for ban on Latvian SS commemoration


Riga - The world's leading Nazi hunter called Monday for the authorities in Latvia to enforce a ban on a controversial commemoration of local Waffen-SS troops due to take place on Tuesday. 'Ban the march, enforce the ban and explain to the people that maybe these people were thinking they were fighting for Latvia but the real benfeficiary of their service and their bravery was Nazi Germany,' Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center told the German Press Agency dpa.
I wish we had laws like that, (hate speech, public display, holocaust denial,...etc, etc).
Thousands of us could intentionally violate such laws and force ZOG prosecutors to have to deal with us.
We could tie up the court system for years and frustrate the hell out of judges, politicians, and bureaucrats.
Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.