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Default Mussolini is one of the official heroes of Latvia

Benito Mussolini is one of the official heroes of Latvia, said Sergey Malakhovskiy, the member of the Antifascist Committee of Latvia during the press conference in Moscow on March, 12, reports a REGNUM correspondent.

According to Malakhovskiy, the name of Mussolini is among other names lettered at the plaques in the “pantheon of Latvian heroes”. In reply to the request of REGNUM correspondent to detail about the “pantheon” and what attitude toward nowdays Latvia has the Italian dictator, the member of the Latvian Anti-fascist Committee said: "Pantheon of Latvian heroes is a Memorial Complex in the Fraternal Cemetery in Riga, where at the memorial plaques are lettered the names of chevaliers of the Order of Lacplesis — the highest military award of Latvia. In due course, the Order was awarded to some leaders of states, participants of World War II being allies of Germany. I am not aware if Hitler had been awarded by the Order, but Mussolini was awarded in 1925. His name is in the plaque. And like this Benito Mussolini is caught in the circle of the heroes of Latvia, — said Sergey Malakhovsky.

As informed REGNUM earlier, the minister of culture of Latvia considers average the perpetuation of memory of Benito Mussolini at the main memorial complex of the country. “More dangerous is the Victory Monument in the center of Riga”, -said Helena Demakova, Latvian Culture Minister. According to her, it would be necessary to demolish the Victory Monument in Riga and after it Latvian Shooters Monument, because these objects “mangle the historical truth”. "It is the best glorification of the criminal regimes, than looking for the names of Mussolini and Weiss at the cemetery with magniglass”.

It is worth mentioning that there are memorial plaques of chevaliers of the Order of Lacplesis at the Memorial Complex of the Fraternal Cemetery in Riga. The name of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is among other names lettered at these plaques. The central grave sites the memorial of general-lieutenant of SS troops Gruppenführer Rudolf Bangerskis and one of the operators of mass shootings of civilians in 1941-1942 Voldemars Weiss.