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Where them bitches at ?!
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For the record . . One of the reps I received for that post back then said
tbh i would get my crew together (your org) and pay him an unfriendly visit. just being honest here
To be honest , that had crossed my mind . .

Given that running over to the Bosheviks is considered one of the worst "sins" within National socialism , I was wondering . .

I tend to give people three days to ponder when I feel they have committed cardinal error . .

In a way , the guy was lucky ( as one can see , this post dates one week back ) that I was busy for the next days since my wife had caught a severe illness and I had to drive her to the doctor multiple times and that . .ahemm . . I admit , after that , I tried to "cherish our relationship" . .

Gotta admit . .

I suppose the guy had more "luck" than he had brains back then ( when boozing . .)