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Well, we didnt have to rob the brain trust to do it-it was all pretty simple. We set up to spam ice with emails emails demanding something be done about the invaders in postville. Everyday, every member who had a computer would send out as many as he/she could. We also burned up the phones, every chance we got we called. (hint) when they ask if you every reported said place before, you say no! Otherwise they wont take the report. It got to the point after a couple months that we didnt think we were getting anywhere. The operaters at ice were starting to ask us how we knew the people were illegal, basically wanting us to prove to them that they werent going to waste their time on bs. Two of our members live in the same general area as postville. Their maternal grandmother was from the Ukraine and they both grew up knowing the language. Being us citzens they had ss cards so they werent hired illegally. And no they never saw a meth lab. They worked in the sanitation department pretty much just cleaning but it gave them access to all parts of the plant. They were able though to get camera phone pics of the differences in the checks and other things that were usefull.

That is not all we did though, but what we did before told us that it wasnt the way to go. We picketed and protested the plant. Hell, the media thought we were peta and so did most of the public and plant. We did our part in accomplishing what we were able, now i want to see all the other plants hit the same way.
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