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Even Canadians Are Waking Up . . .
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo on September 14, 2009 01:04 PM

. . . to the systemic awfulness of socialized healthcare, writes Canadian Cathy LeBoeuf-Schouten ([email protected]). After publishing an article on entitled. “My Canadian Healthcare Horror Stories,” Cathy discovered that the article had elicited 27,000 hits from all over the Canadian blogosphere. The article produced “a cascade effect” of other Canadians sharing their socialized healthcare stories, she wrote me. She appeared on several state radio (CBC) shows where she “got across many points that I have seen raised on, by people such as Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Tom DiLorenzo et al,” and the CBC host even promoted her article from

“The turmoil of the American debate on healthcare has percolated up to us,” she writes. “People are now sharing horror stories and realizing that the awfulness is systemic. My [American] friends, take this as proof that no matter what your government may say about Canadians’ general satisfaction with their socialized medicine, there is huge dissension and people are looking for alternatives.”

Who knows, Canadians may move in the direction of healthcare freedom while Americans embrace the totalitarian alternative.