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Originally Posted by Ulysses Crane View Post
I thought Cromagnids were present in Europe before the Aryan invasion? If so, how would they be Aryan? I say this as a Dalofaelid myself.
That is to each person to decide. There is for example an ongoing debate on whether the Scotts are "germanic" enough, some people view them as germanic enough whilst others view them as non-germanics.

The same kind of "debate" could be argued about the Cromagnids, they are afterall the oldest people of Europe and unlike the other tribal subraces they are the ones who have the most Aryanic influence to them. And they are certainly closer to being considered "Aryan" than the mediterranids.

It shows as the Irano-Nordid subrace is quite present where the Aryan Kingdom was settled, even though this is proof of remnants from the Aryan presence, of course this type is not "Aryan" since it fell to race-mixing with that of the ones from the non-Aryan variety.
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