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Swiss arrest K. Albanian heroin traffickers

7 January 2010 | 14:03 | Source: B92

GENEVA -- Swiss police have cut a large heroin smuggling route, that saw 42 kilograms of the drug transferred from Kosovo to Switzerland in five months.

14 traffickers, including 13 ethnic Albanians and one Austrian citizen "of Kosovo origin" were arrested, along with a Spanish national, Switzerland's state broadcaster TSR is reporting today.

Police said that the heroin came from the town of Peć in western Kosovo and that it was sold in Lausanne, Zurich, and Neuchatel in Switzerland.

During each trip, the report said, the suspects smuggled in more than 12 kilograms of the drug, while one of them was in charge of collecting the money for the bosses of the operation, based in Kosovo.

The purity of the drug was 33 percent, the report said "three times more than what addicts consume".
I hope that the Swiss are enjoying their shiptars
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