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For several hundred years, there was a belief that the Sámi and the Finns had a Mongoloid origin. This false belief was due to linguists of the time believing that Finno-Ugric languages had an eastern origin. It was also due to the Finns’ and Sámis’ tendency to have a phenotypic resemblance to the Mongoloids. In actuality, these Mongoloid-like traits do not occur at a higher average rate than they would in other Northern European groups. It merely appears this way due to the many generations that the Europeans have been farming, an activity that has caused physical features, such as high cheekbones that allow for bigger masseter muscles to chew tougher food, to reduce in size. Though the Sámi do have some Asian genetic influence, at its highest rate it is only 20-30%, which is no higher than the European average. [7] So with a large amount of growing evidence, it seems that the Sámi came from somewhere much closer to their current home.

Cro-Magnon man (White racially and ancestor to all the White sub-ethnicities - and something we have deteriorated from in terms of brain size and physical health) quite likely had the epicanthal eye-folds that people are so determined to associate with Mongol ancestry. It is an adaptation to the cold.

During your development as a fetus you go through a stage of having epicanthal eye folds and many children have them for a very short while after birth and then they disappear. Our forms during our fetal development reflect our evolution quite remarkably.

RickHolland's (Holland is a common Jewish name) post is what the Jews would like us to believe. I am not saying he is a Jew however as I can't know that.
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