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90 percent of all illegal immigrant arrests in Europe recorded in Greece

VIENNA (ANA-MPA/D. Dimitrakoudis) - The UN's special appointed investigator on Human Rights, Austrian Manfred Nowak requested in an interview with the First Programme of the Austrian public Radio on Thursday that Greece must not be the only one to lift the weight of refugees in Europe and their reforwarding to Greece on the basis of the so-called "Dublin-II" must be discontinued immediately.

Nowak, who visited Greece on the order of the UN and examined the situation of refugees and relevant services there, said that despite all the efforts of the Greek government, the conditions for the refugees are disastrous since the Greek services are overloaded.

He said that while in 2008, 50 per cent of all arrests of illegal immigrants in Europe had been recorded in Greece, this percentage in the first eight months in 2010 reached 90 percent.
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