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Default VNN style and branding

A strong brand helps sell. VNN from the beginning, to me was as attractive to read or more, than the stack of 1970s "National Lampoon" magazines I used to read over and laugh until my sides ached. I will never forget the story about "Mike Hunt," who was a high school kid who grew a you know what, or the comic strip about the grue-sniffing Asian motorcycle gang who looked like lizards.

If you ever saw these mags, you may recall much political content. One name associated was PJ O Rourke. Who was good in the past and now has declined in quality.

I think that VNN must not lose its edge. Edge does not come from mere shock value, although shock happens. Nor from swearing etc although swearing has its place. Where it comes from I dont know, in all honesty, but my best guess is probably from a damn good editor who doesnt sell out his vision. Like Alex. And people who get it and bring their own contributions into place in a harmonious whole.

On a superficial level, I think that satire should get top billing. Let our going across be a skewering, to distort Zarathustra. Let our yea saying be a play saying. LOL. Sompfin lahk dat.

For example: rather than a reprint of the boring "kosher tax" material that has been circulating for years, how about a writer more talented than myself, do a piece like this:

"WHITE KOSHER TAX: why can't we do nothing and make a mint like Jews?"