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Originally Posted by Polybius
Another highly successful publication with appeal to young white folks back in the earlly 70's was Rolling Stone Magazine. Back in those days editor Bill Greider even covered with some respect, David Duke and George Wallace---not the two most respected guys on this forum.

Bill Greider the last time I looked, is currently an editor of some sort for the Nation Magazine, but, still a critic of the Federal Reserve System, so-called free trade, and the outsourcing of American jobs and industry to the "turd world". Much like Barlett and Steele of the Philadelphia Enquirer and Time Magazine---guys who if they unloaded would really shake things up. Because they know how to use the facts, and their editorializing is very subtle.

Today, Rolling Stone is just another multi-cult mtv type jewbrew production.

Wow, lookee here Alex looks like you've got another member who knows a thing or two about reporting! Welcome Polybius. Didnt Polybius write a good history of Rome which noted racial amalgamation as a factor in decline?