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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

We'll keep the VNN edge, but adapt to form. Space is free on the Internet, but not so in print. So we run more shorter stuff, more graphics. It's a fun thing, and I'm still working it out. I think some of the best things tabloids can do are pages of quotations, pages of "did you know?" material, LTEs, and graphics of all shapes and sizes.

We're going for a young, smart audience. We know the world they're growing up in. We know what they're hearing and seeing. We semi-copy the style they're used to, but fill it with out content. We mock the unmockables - the niggers and jews. But we also provide the hard facts: dramatic stats on crime and STDs. This is where the "gut" comes in. We make White girls fear niggers as rapists and STD spreaders. We make White parents FEAR their daughter will be done in by niggers the college they're paying for encourages her to nix with. This will drive the campuses crazy, and the campus is what we're aiming at more than anything. "The action is in the reaction," as the old kike Alinsky said. We'll show that these tolerant folks are intolerant. These love-filled diversity zombies are the real fascists. They'll take the bait, they always do.

Dry academic stuff is not what we want. The kosher scam - ugh. That puts you to sleep. I don't want to look at the back of a can. At best it's worth a stat as something that drives up the cost of food by X percent.

We want to hip these kids to the dirty secrets: that jews take up 1/3 of the slots at Harvard! same as white christians! That is remarkable. How comes it to be? How come all the heads of the ivies are kikes? How come all the commissioners of the big sports leagues are kikes? how come all the advisers who encouraged war on iraq are kikes?

and mounds and mounds of quotes from jews themselves. that will work on immigration. start with a simple question: how come we're being invaded by mexico when every poll says no one wants it? take the KM essay, squeeze it for jew quotes. make a few integumentary comments, boom, it's done. post the "slam!" FITZ cartoon where the two jews honestly tell the woman behind the gate what jews are up to. that's effective.

the most effective way to wreck a man is taking his stupid statement and rubbing his face in it.

we take govt stats proving niggers are a social/sexual menace. we print them up dash dash dash dash and at the bottom, in small type we give FBI or dept of justice or centers for disease control.

then we say: oh yeah, kids. the government actually slants these stats against whites, to try to slim the disparity a little. so the stats we cited above? yeah, they're actually WORSE.

so, kids, what's our conclusion here: the government discriminates against you in admissions, then encourages you to bed down with these apes its own figures show are teeming with fungi and violent tendencies. sounds like your administration and your government are run by a bunch of hate criminals!

there's no need for slurs in this, although there's no need to delete them either. the content alone will be enough to drive the hate administrators wild, and get the left loamed up for another orgasmic round of candlelit group masturbation therapy.

so we get them the stats that matter -- and make sure these are absolutely unimpeachable. the funniest cartoons. slants they've never seen on tv shows and books and movies we know they're familiar with. and we give them some plain ol news, albeit of the kind that never gets reported, such as the hush crime in wichita. in short, we present them with a new way of looking at the world and judging their own situation. we inflame their sense of fairness and justice against ZOG and their own administrators who play along for pay.

graphics are hugely important. no one will forget Mr. Gummy, star of issue 1 and 1a. i have never forgotten a brochure i saw in a library as a young child, it was an anti-vivisection brochure, with a dog's head sewn onto the ass of another dog. truly disturbing, and horribly unforgettable.

we mock the niggers, and their pretension to coolness. we quote and point out facts about the jews.

we blanket campuses with these. we really should have a speaker's bureau, and make it clear we love LTEs and we're willing to debate all comers. i am, and i suspect glenn is too. always remember: we speak for the community. the jews only claim to. this online shit is just a start. it ain't the real thing, that happens in the streets.