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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by Rounder
Mailing bulk shipments of tabloids to Europe is mighty expensive unless sent by surface mail, which takes a month or more to arrive at it's European destination. And then, there are those jew-bolskevik laws in most European countries against "spreading hate" or "defaming dead kikes", etc.

Yeah, send your donation to me at the address you posted above. Judging from our 1st edition, I need $l,080.00 to (l) pay printers, and (2) Pay postage on shipping the 10,000 copies to those who order them.

I need advice on mailing our tabloid to countries overseas, Alex.
I mailed 3-4 issues to Ireland the other day. First class, cost a shade over $5. That is pretty much prohibitive. I mean, I don't mind mailing a couple here and there, but at a dollar a copy, it's hard to do it unless it's a paid subscription. You make a donation, we'll definitely shoot you a couple copies. That's about all we can promise at this time.

Perhaps what is better is that we post the issues in PDF, and you print them out yourself and make copies. A shitty solution, but a cheap & effective one. It ain't the form but the content that really matters. We're basically talking samzidat at this point in Western Europe. I'm not responsible for what you do with my material over there, and if Germany says otherwise, well let me just say that as a law-abiding citizen of German descent, recognized far and wide as a paragon of obedience, it would pain me to depths of my soul that any words of mine be copied and distributed, or wallpapered all over that shit memorial coming up in Berlin, and I would probably commit suicide from the extreme embarrassment and shame brought on myself. Or, I might go get a ham sandwich and let off a nasty fart. I don't know. I'm kinda up and down on these things. As George Washington said, and Thomas Jefferson agreed, White men have absolutely no obligation to obey laws passed by jews or politicians bought by jews.