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Originally Posted by Brenna Wolf View Post
Dalvez quoted me first, Biv.

Copying Valdez's misspelling of my name, Brenna? It might hurt if it was actually a word that was insulting or, even better, a real word. Congratulations. You've made yourself look as stupid as he does and that's no mean feat.

As for his quoting you, does that mean you needed to respond with something you thought would hurt him?


Back on topic.

Originally Posted by Brenna Wolf
This. This, right here is what is wrong with feminism.

Brenna is calling me a sell-out for taking what she perceives to be the "wrong" side.

Without going into the full etymology of the phrase, I'll just assume she meant the most common use:

One who betrays a cause for personal advancement.
I got no personal advancement whatsoever, so we can rule that out.

What cause did I betray? We can see it wasn't the WN cause because all I did was stated who I thought began an argument between a man and a woman.

Therefore she must mean the cause of being a woman. This is what is wrong with feminism. I don't take a woman's side just because she's a "Sister" if it is my belief that she is in the wrong, but this is what feminists expect of their fellow women - holding hands with the sisterhood and standing firm against those evil men.

No thanks.
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