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Well if you can think of a better way to arrange things let me know. My wish would be to incorporate all the verbal/strategic stuff I have down below with cutting-edge news about nationalism in Europe (and around the world), along with perhaps what-an-imaginary-USA-nationalist-party-could-be-doing. I've sketched my own ideas for a non-traditional White party approach, basically a white ADL with a kernel of lawyers and writers/activists focused on hush crimes. Gaining publicity by holding rallies around incidents like the hush crime of Joshua Chellew, and snowballing from there.
Maybe if we could tag each thread and have "similar threads" listed under each thread? This way if you click on the tag it will bring up all French/Italian/English etc Nationalist parties, or if you view one thread others will be listed under?

I visit a bodybuilding forum (Link), and under each thread you can see "similar threads"

Otherwise a wiki like this forum has