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Originally Posted by MikeTodd View Post
I beg to differ. Hoffa was "disappeared" by persons unknown. This Warman slug needs his head removed and placed on a pike in a very public and symbolic place, with a sign on it saying " I commited treason against my race", as an example to all would-be usurpers of the White man's natural rights and liberties!
Amazing that you wrote that in 2007, and here it is now 2013 and that miserable piece of scum is still being rewarded for his treachery:


Jury rules in favour of Warman in Warman v. Fournier and Does
This just in: the jury has ruled in favour of Richard Warman in the case of Warman v. Fournier & Does.

After days of deliberations, the jury found that Mark and Connie Fournier, the operators of the conservative discussion forum Free Dominion, did not remove posts allegedly libeling Warman "fast enough."

For the statement of claim which started this case, back in 2007, see here.

For a great day-by-day summary of the trial, see here.

For more information on Warman, see here.

Stay tuned for updates as more becomes available.

Update: 8:01pm commenters are claiming that Warman was awarded $42,000, which included "substantial punitive damages."

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