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Roy Albrecht
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Cool Free Dominion was Never Free & the Fournier et al are probably Jew owned Strawmen. As for Warman..., the false flag boogie man of Canadian WNism.

Originally Posted by Cora McGuire View Post
Amazing that you wrote that in 2007, and here it is now 2013 and that miserable piece of scum is still being rewarded for his treachery:

I am thinking that Warman is just someone the Jews use to;

1) Keep the Holocaust Lie alive in the minds of Canadians,

2) Divert funds from and gain lists of WNist sympathizers. Then ferret them out as Jewish Mafia potential targets.

Without Warman who would "WNists leaders" have to fight against?

And this sounds particularly cynical of me, especially since I supported Paul Fromm for so long, but without Warman, Paul Fromm et al might just be out of an activist job!

There are so many [email protected]#&ing Jews and Freemasons in Canada that any Real WNist who cared about the White Racial health of the country could have martyred him/herself eons ago. Killing Freemasonic Kikes in Canada is like shooting fish in a barrel!

You can hardly move without running into one somewhere.

This site is full of neurotic Kikes pretending to be National Socialists who are calling that mongrel Kike Brievik up in Norway, Commander Breivik for his heroic deed of killing 70 odd kids in a summer camp. What a Joke!

Any true White Racialist "Commander" could kill more Kikes than that with a filed down butter knife over the lunch hour in down town Toronto for Christ's sake!

Just pop into the shower room near the end of the lunch hour at the Jewish community centre swimming pool and make like you are cleaning gefillte fish for ten minutes and you are an instant hero.

Warman should have been murdered years ago, and his carcass left to rot in a Jew-hood somewhere, but I have a feeling he is secretly loved by "both" sides.

I tried to post a few times at "Unfree Jew-minion" and kept things politically correct too, because I had already been warned about them, but I didn't last 5 minutes.

I wonder how many saps shelled out money for their defense?

Warman against "Censured Jewminion"..., that's kinda like John McCain against Barak Obama. No matter who wins the players lose.