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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

There is very little difference between a skinhead and a blue nigger and they even look the same. The only difference is kwaps are anti-White tools of the jew system, same for the green niggers who fight the jew's wars.

Paramedics and firemen are deserving of some respect, but blue niggers can go fuck themselves. They are not on the side of Whites, next to no one in government employment is. You're full of it, Hugh, and you're giving very bad advice to this young man. What chance do WN have of getting hired by ZOG when it is run by jews, niggers, faggots, feminists, dykes, and communist thugs? By going in undercover? What White man with any conscience would even want to these days, especially when preference is given to muds in the first place? How successful will they be with that before they are exposed as evil neo-Nazi haters and racists? This kiked-up anti-White terrorist government is beyond fixing and simply needs to be eliminated.

Gabriel Braun, if you are for real, it would be a better idea for you to stick around this forum for a while and educate yourself about the true tenets of WN and NS. Alex Linder has started a section here called The Massive and that would be an excellent place to start. We certainly don't want to see any White man with any kind of potential waste it by becoming one of ZOG's costumed clown enforcers or mercenary who sodomizes, tortures and murders people in foreign countries he has no business being in. You might also consider getting into a trade school and learning a marketable skill and skip the "college" route, which at this point is nothing but the jew's advanced indoctrination and brainwashing centers--not to mention being in enormous debt for student loans afterward.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor

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