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Sam Emerson
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Sam Emerson
Default Technical Strategy: Building the Tools to Build White Nationalism

White activism can only progress if it can overcome enemy obstruction and energize its natural White constituency.


Media is power. Jews have known this for at least a century. For most of that century it took jew tier money to compete in the media arena. That's finally changing.

It's now feasible for WNs to create streaming video channels whose technical and aesthetic quality is on par with broadcast television for a fraction of the cost.

Using the internet WNs can create the equivalent of what Christian broadcasters did: Their own media counterculture. But without the jew FCC holding veto power.

By having media over which they exercised greater control Christians not only gained formidable propaganda advantages, they also reaped financial rewards. But they didn't represent the level of threat to the jews that WNs do, so we'll need additional tools to take full advantage of media power.


One of the more effective tactics used to keep Whites from speaking out is the threat of unemployment. An unapologetic pro-White man or woman who openly and honestly advocates for Whites, or even tells some of the truth about muds, will almost always be destroyed financially.

These ritual humiliations are used to remind Whites that they are on their own, that there's no hope, that failure and poverty and pain are the only consequences they can expect if they tell the truth.

When Ron Paul was raising millions of dollars it occurred to me that the mechanism, thousands of small donations made very quickly using the internet, had revolutionary potential. But looking into the mechanism there were two obvious weaknesses.

First, Ron Paul donors gave their real names. Ron wasn't a serious threat to the system so donating was fairly safe. Admitting to WN beliefs by contributing with your credit card, not so much.

Which brings me to problem number two - the credit card. Or Paypal. Or any other payment system connected to the jew banks. Jews obviously won't allow us to use their systems to arrange for their expulsion.

But then I started looking into Bitcoin. While it's not anonymous, it can be spent without any jew's approval. And because it's used for many things, not just WN activism, the system hasn't shut it down.

There are hints that mainstream businesses might want to make use of it for economical micropayments, something they've failed to convince the greedy banks to enable (the banks always want a minimum cut per transaction, rendering micropayments infeasible). So Bitcoin isn't going to be shut down outright, for now.

But it still isn't anonymous. That's where the newer cryptocurrencies come in. There's a list of them here. They're not perfect, but the technology keeps improving.

So, assume that a robust anonymous cryptocurrency, widely used, popular with the sort of people who support The Pirate Bay, Wikileaks and other somewhat fringe movements/technologies, emerges.

I suggest we ride that wave.

Make use of the anonymous payment system infrastructure to raise funds to support our activists, and deny jews the satisfaction of seeing our heroes suffer financial ruin.

Not to say that we can't start without a jew-proof instant payment system. We should encourage WNs to send cash or checks through the mail to support WN projects and activists. But an instant digital fundraising system utilizing a (not yet available) anonymous cryptocurrency would raise the bar.

With the large sums that can be raised in online Ron Paul style "money bombs" activists could be paid, victims of jewish financial persecution could be compensated and the scope of WN projects would make a quantum leap.


White nationalist culture must encourage collective action. Starting with the classic religious tradition of tithing. Money is power. Organizations should not be afraid to ask for regular donations. Being a public WN activist is a full time gig because if you're effective it's almost impossible to keep a full time job under Zog. Full time activists deserve full time pay with benefits. The jews pay thousands... make that hundreds of thousands of full time activists who work tirelessly against all gentiles.

The good news is there are a lot more gentiles than jews, so we can beat them with smaller per capita donations. But we can't beat them with nothing.

Quality costs. It's worth it.


These tools reinforce each other. Better media enables large scale fundraising (think about how much televangelists have raised). More money enables better media. White media can promote a culture of WN tithing. Which in turn allows larger fundraisers which fund even better media.

How does this start? With a choice. Choose to stand with the White race by tithing to support the White activist or organization of your choice. For now just send cash. When promising White media projects arise consider allocating a portion of your donations to support them.

Somewhere a jew is reading this and their blood is running cold.

Jews know once Team White assembles there's no stopping us.

They're right.