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Lorenz Kraus
Default Fixed Quantity

"One of the big problems with this kind of monetary system is that the value depends on how likely people think you are to win."

The benefit is that there is some likelihood versus nil. If I ask, how much would you pay for a Storm Dollar, you can start to estimate its value, so that there is at least some value now.

Whereas, if you wait for a new government to print money, you have nil now and nil forever.

The other thing is that blockchain is fixed. If you use it wisely over the course of 20 years, you'll get pretty close to biting the cherry. If you need supplemental funds, then they would be separate, just as debt has a priority of payment.

Another advantage to this is that the FED wants to put liquidity into the economy, but banks don't lend since credit ratings are shot. So, the FED money sits in the banks and the banks lend it back to the FED.

Here, people work for white sovereignty and that is like Hitler's labor certificates. Instead of building roads, you're building a political institution.

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