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Default Doge coin

No one has accused Doge coin for breaking any law.

It's given to people for volunteer efforts. People mine it and give it away to bloggers.

This is the same thing, but dedicated to a specific end goal with many possibilities in between.

If you give it away free, it's not a sale of securities. After that, it can acquire value among the secondary parties. You just explain what the aim is, but you can't guarantee the aim will be achieved. Don't sell anything implying appreciation or investments. That keeps you within the law NYS blue-sky Martin act (a Jew law).

This is what my lawyer says about Jew laws:

Handsome isn't he?

Somehow Jews invested $300 million into bitcoin, and white nationalists are scared to even try the technology. Replace fear with fun.

White nationalism qua -ism isn't going to save whites. Having fun will.

The left always promotes their kind, "Hey look what so and so is doing. Check it out." They seek fun. White nationalists will always print another failure, or some obscure translation of whatever, (just like conservativism and libertarians) leaving those who might be interested in activism to sit on their tail. Fear is a plague. Fear and cowardice go together. Curiosity and boldness go together.

Bold success is shamed away and ignored; it's an egalitarian "crabs in the bucket" reflex.

"Goys just wanna have fun." Remember that Cindy Lapper song?

You need to create something where people have fun banning Jews.

Connect the right parts together.

Do you need a big theory to ban Jews? No.

Why ban Jews? Because it's fun.

A million people will show up for fun. When Americans are ready to have fun, they will beat the Jews. It's a state of mind; a state of consciousness where morality and social standing don't matter; a state where you can suspend the laws of morality, law, and universalism to pull the rug out from under the Jews. Everyone gives and receives a pardon from everyone else to push the fungus out. After that, you can snap out of fun, and be serious, and have laws, theories, and philosophy to justify your existence, again. Jews use words to enslave us. Fun has no words. It justifies itself.

Do you think the Free corps and Ernst Rohm were 100% stern serious? Or did they have fun fighting communists because it was fun. They had nothing else to do, apart from wallow in poverty, boredom, and desperation.

"Since I am an immature and wicked man, war and unrest appeal to me more than good bourgeois order. Brutality is respected, the people need wholesome fear. They want to fear someone. They want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive."

Sounds like a roller coaster. Build the roller coaster and people will come. Everyone likes Darth Vader and the Emperor. I do!

Jews can't stop people who just want to have fun. Everything they invent is against fun: rules, rules, rules. They want you to search your soul, worry about complying with Jew laws, God's laws, Jesus; they want you confused; they want you to find yourself, your self-esteem, your id, your g-spot, (as if those exist) to doubt yourself, to doubt your fellow men, to seek guidance from your elder brothers, instead of, to lash out at them, because it's fun.

Jews can't stop people who find it fun to drive Jews out of their political, economic, and cultural system. Jews, certainly, find it fun to drive you insane with modern art. They find it fun to drive you out of your own country and shove sodomy down your throat! Fight fire with fire, fun with fun.

More Rohm:

"We've got to produce something new, don't you see? A new discipline. A new principle of organization. The generals are a lot of old fogeys. They never had a new idea."

The Catholic Church is the center for all Catholics. Where is the white nationalist equivalent? You need a "scalable" institution that supports and cultivates, and if someone drops out, the institution is there and keeps going. That's what an order is. It has a mission, and whatever happens to an individual, the order survives to sustain the mission. Because it is an institution, you know in the long run, the mission will be achieved. That gives a lot of peace of mind. That's why people join orders. That's why corporations, universities, and states survive, even though, people come and go. They are robust and resilient. They rarely die.

A White National Congress would do for whites what is needed to be done. Organize nationwide. Present contrast with the existing establishment. Offer solutions. Engage the media. Change the atmosphere from fear to fun. People need the Conan-ic spirit to beat the Jews.

"We're not on Planet of the Jews. You Jews are on this planet with us!"

435 people are needed to found the local chapters.

How many free Storm Dollars would you want to found a local chapter? 200,000?

Maybe only women should be allowed to be the founders, since they are better on camera and were warriors in their past lives...