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Jeffrey Smither
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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Them appointing a moderator, Poison, who thinks Bill Clinton is cool, John Mccain is cool, and NATO bombing a White country is funny - has something to do with it. He also constantly makes a mockery out of anyone raising the jewish question. Compares it to David Icke's nonsense about lizard people. He seems to like pushing the agenda that Putin and Russia are the real force behind evil in the world while labeling everyone else tin foil hatters who don't agree.
I dislike the Clintons, but you have to admit under Bill Clinton the economy was stable and there was no major lasting conflicts and wars like we got under Dubya. If Bill Clinton wasn't anti gun and NAFTA he would have been a great president.

Dubya, Onigger, and now Trump have been Zionist puppets to the max.