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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
That's what every conservative claims. I think the good economic times were mostly related to the early internet era tech boom. Notice after the .com bubble busted, the economy went to shit.
Correct, and they are looking at the 80s selectively. This is the era where companies were allowed to move their skilled White workforce jobs into the third world, pay the workers a fraction of the same wage, and it destroyed our middle class. The same era that gave us 'junk bonds' and cultural junk as well. It's overly glorified by some because it is the last era when Whites still dominated the landscape of the media, but it was the beginning of all the filth we have today. Started sliding downward in the 80s and it was a rapid 'snowball effect' afterward.

Clinton, in passing NAFTA, added to the damage done in the 80s. The housing scam loan shenanigans went on in the 90s and that 'bubble' burst when tard Dubya was in office. We trained Al Queda on US soil, too, but the flip side is that Clinton was paying attention to US intelligence re Ramzi Yousef, paying attention to John O'Neil. Dubya demoted John O'Neil, and he died in the twin towers, where he was placed. O'Neil knew too much and they didn't want him around.

They're all dirtbags of different varieties, it's a spectrum of 'suck'.
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