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Originally Posted by Gladiatrix View Post
I got one of just several infractions over many years from him for the only time I don't think I was in the wrong. It was a long time ago, but involved biting back at a troll. It was called something like "insulting another member" and involved some asshole who used either the tired trope of attacking all White women as mudsharking whores or some asshat who thinks Southern Europeans or Slavs aren't White.
Littleshit Poison gives infractions with impunity since heshit can't be ousted. He was one of Jack Boot's favorite little shits. There was an entire thread about how terrible Littleshit Poison was and it was closed by Boot.

I've never gotten an infraction from the littleshit but heshit attacked me on a few occasions. I told heshit every time that I was not to be intimidated by an inconsequential entity with a delusion of power. Heshit threatened me with an infraction, and I reiterated how I wasn't afraid of heshit and oh, by the way, how were your grades in physical chemistry? After the physical chemistry challenge, heshit fell strangely silent. Heshit has never engaged me again.


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