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Originally Posted by Nate Higgers View Post
Even though I am not a member of either apricity may be weird but not as off the rails as thephora.
. .."thephora" to me is weird too...

Hell , they even had a section for Communists / Marxists last time I checked ( ! )

Gotta admit , haven't checked that forum in a long time though , maybe the shock is still too deep . .

Some people may consider them part of the circle of crust but they are not even dime store WS/WN forums.
Well ,if it's true that National Socialists are having a hard time / have to struggle there as Rick pointed out it must suck . .

Supposed 'racialist' forums where you can't speak freely ( as opposed to political correctness ) are not with the cause IMO . .

Especially annoying are the cat lick papists who push their religion despite their pope Francis who practically waves a “refugees welcome” sign and pushes liberation theology and cultural Marxism.
Guess what . .? I am a Catholic ( which rarely is the case in my area (Northern Germany )) , but only "on paper" , I am not even a Christianity-believer and I agree that Francis is one of the worst popes in history . .
He himself is the product of the internationalization of the Church (non-European , Latin-American pope ( even though he has Italian ancestry ) ) . .

You know , one of the biggest Communists of all time , Castro , once said . . " The world will be better the day when a black American is president of the U.S. and when a Latin-American is pope " ( ! ! ) . .

In retrospect , he even was right . . !!

Yet . . is the world "better" . . ?

I suppose when Communists say " . .after that the world would be better . ." , the opposite would be the case . .

Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about , yet everyone had it on his /her mind . . Today race is a forbidden suject . .

- me