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Default TAA 3-A Finance Update !!!

Monies were received in today's mail, from contributors as indicated:

Donnachaidh (King of the Scots) - $200 donation to TAA and this note: "F--k the JewSA with more TAA's. Another contribution towards the 100,000 mark for TAA #4. And nothing less than 100,000 will do. Get these laggards off their keyboards." (Many thanks for the very generous donation Donnachaidh, and for your candid but inspiring note).

Deadmaker7 - $30.00 donation to TAA

D.J. Zarathustra - $35.00 for TAAs (the hero of Wisconsin)

Rattlehead - $20.00 for 100 TAAs already sent. A man of his word.

Hibernian - $10.00 for donation to

D. H. (from CA) - $2.00 for one TAA

A big thanks and a hearty Hail Victory to these loyal VNN contributors.

Who's next to follow their examples by pledging support for TAA, right here, right now ???
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