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Default Final Financial Report for Issue 3-A

Since I'm down to less than 500 copies of Issue 3-A, I decided to close the books on this edition. Here's the final financial report for Issue 3-A:

Money left over from Issue #3: $3.782.54

Money received for Issue 3-A: $3,585.52

Total money received for 3-A: $7,368.06

Total money spent (including printing & postal costs for 3-A): $3,284.76

Our balance (money on hand): $4,083.30

This is better than I expected, and is enough to pay printers for 50,000 copies of issue #4, at 8 cents per copy, or $80.00 per thousand.

(Would someone please start a new sticky thread for issue 4?? And entitle it: "TAA Issue #4 Distribution & Finance Reports".)

BTW, a storm knocked out my modem, and phone line 2 days ago, hence my absence.
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