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Default Oops, forgot

As I've done on every previous TAA edition, today I mailed all receipts for TAA Issue 3-A to Alex Linder for his inspection, verification, and for his files.

Since I posted every cent I received, along with the total amount and the screen names or initials of contributors, all Alex has to do is subject receipt totals from the amount I've taken in, to determine exactly how much money is in TAA Fund to date.

This is a full financial disclosure system and fool proof. In the 15 months I've been tabloid clerk, only one VNN'er claimed he sent me money that was not posted. And he's a liar who said he sent me $50 about a year ago. His name is Jim Crowe.

Anyhow, I've opened the books on Issue #4, and the balance is: $4,083.30. Damn good, if you ask me, and more than I thought before I tallied the totals yesterday. Enough to pay printers for 50,000 copies of issue 4. Not bad, eh ??
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