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Although In Europe I think TAA is great. I'd like to see it much more tabloid and aiming at the emotional appeal. Never give them too many facts. They see non-white immigration, non-white crime and general decline all around. So let's not waste time telling them what they already know but give them a voice, a focus for resistance and something on their pathway to ignite their fire of hate!

So here is a suggestion and I will do it to start. Just a small thing but everyone can contribute. TAA is the best thing happening in the USA now and getting the enemy worried. It needs to get into the many hundreds of thousands and fast and Rounder needs money for issue 4. I am impressed by his and Alex's accounting. Financial honesty, now there is a first for the US movement!

So if 100 of us donate $10 a month specifically for TAA production that's $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year. It is easily done and doesn't cost anyone a financial burden.

Glenn, how many TAA printings would this enable?

A good idea?