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Originally Posted by Anchorage Activist
Just received my TAA shipment today. The shipping date was 27 December, so that means it took 16 days to get here, just before MLK day. Now I can celebrate MLK day the "WHITE" way. Thanks for your hustle, Rounder.

I was shocked to see it cost $9.64 in shipping charges to send over 200 TAAs by media mail. Good thing you got over $4,000 seed money for TAA #4. These shipping costs are climbing.

Appreciate you tossing in a couple of copies of TTAL. TTAL has changed; it's a much more professional-looking product than it was before.
Glad to hear you've received your TAAs, A.A. Takes much longer to reach Alaska because they're transported by truck.

Postal clerk say our shipping cost was increased about 5 percent on 8 January. Still, media rates, which we use, are 30 percent cheaper than parcel post, which is the 2nd cheapest rate.

Good "hunting" with the TAAs. And keep us posted. I know you'll do a great job distributing them.

Who's next to pledge support for TAA ???
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