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Originally Posted by Cracker oftheWhip
I'm intrigued. Keep us posted and good luck.

Me and Claire Wolfe had a falling out in 1998. I was chasing jews and militia informants to their liars/lairs, when Claire Wolfe decided to get all pissed because I was a Christian Identity racist bigot. In her Fourth Edition of '101 ZOG-Friendly Thangs To Do Until the Rebellushion' she decided that she couldn't support my free Internet newsletter, "The Modern Militiaman.' But she liked ex-feminist Patricia Neill a lot better than me anyway.

I found out that Claire Wolfe, was not from Wyoming, when she wrote an article friendly to redskins. You see, no White rancher in South Dakota or Wyoming or Montana likes redskins. It is because gliberal whigger or jew refugees from Californication want to give back everything other than their town lot and house back to pore 'Lo, the Noble Savage.' A South Dakotan and Mississippian have exactly the same attitude towards niggers, red or black. South Dakota has a town called Custer and Wyoming has a town called Sheridan, and both advocated extermination of wild Injuns.

So I found out from Patricia Neill that Claire Wolfe came from the Left Coast, probably around Sans Fagscrisco or LA. In which case, I asked, if she likes niggers do damned much, then why didn't she stay where there were all manner of these pe[s]ts instead of moving to Wyoming where there ain't none?

In any case, I posted this matter for everyone to see back in 1998 on my WWW page:

Nor could she ever resist meddling in the militia movement, but pretending that it never had scores of CI and Klansmen in it.

--Martin Lindstedt