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Fredrik Haerne
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Originally Posted by Rounder
Fredrik, in answer to your question, the White Patriot Party is old history, but was a fairly successful group between l980-86. If you*re interested enough, you might click on VNNforum*s main discussion (5th page I think), under Glenn Miller Responds to Martin M., wheron I explained in much detail about the WPP and myself, as Party leader.
I read up to about page ten in that thread; very interesting reading. Good to see there are people who do something in the United States.

"There should be thousands of similar groups by now, marching and raising hell in the streets, and uniting, organizing, and educating our people. If a middle aged redneck high school dropout like me can put one together, many of you young men out there can, as well. All it takes is initiative, hard work, and persistence."

Very true. As I wrote before, I am amazed that there aren't such groups all over the U.S. right now. How is it possible that the revolutionnary America, with the Patriots and then the Confederates and then the Klan, has so few revolutionnaries today? Amazing that things are better in Europe than in the U.S.!

We have some successes even here in Sweden, the most Jew-indoctrinated of all countries in the world, I believe. Sadly, it doesn't seem possible to name the Jew and get anywhere; in fact, it might put you in prison. However, by raising a nationalist party to the halls of power you can lay the foundation for attacking the Jew later, and that is the path we are taking. That the Jew-controlled and govt-controlled media treat Swedish nationalists like the devil is proof we are doing something right; there is a very good chance nationalists will be in the Riksdag in the year 2006.

I would love to see White men marching in American streets for the just cause, but unfortunately my VCR can't show American videos without them showing up with weird colors, no sound and moving too fast. I talked to a guy at the video store about it, and only very expensive VCRs can show both Swedish and American tapes, so it's not an option.