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Fredrik Haerne
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If you would like to hear a lengthier description of nationalism in Sweden, tell me an email address and I will email you about it.

Nobody likes to keep quiet about the Jew, but there are laws against "racial intimidation" in Sweden. I want a two-pronged approach: on one hand you should have a nationalist party that doesn't name the Jew, only the other dark races. Such a party can grow in elections, and can achieve two things: protect and take back free speech, and halt the flow of darklings. On the other hand, you should have a nationalist party that does name the Jew. It won't grow big, not today, but it keeps the truth alive for those who are looking for it. They will hopefully achieve greater success in the future, when conditions are better, conditions that will have been created in part by the softer nationalist party.

That is what we have in European countries, and since the Jewish media are pouring their venom on both kinds of parties, while nationalism continues to grow slowly, things are looking good. I figure that when I am middle-aged Europa will be a better place to live than today.