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Originally Posted by R MacDonald 14-88
Please tell me that is NOT your "Campaign Photo".
Yes, dumb-ass, it is my 'campaign photo' when I am not showing my core family. Don't you have anything to do in 'the Movement' other than to hide your face and bitch about how you don't like how those who are doing something look like?

Real men don't hide behind the face of Adolf Hitler and real men DO something. What do you look like and what, if anything other than bitch, have you done?

It is people like you which make the [bowel] Movement what it is today. They don't do anything other than bitch about how they wouldn't do something that somebody else is doing. What especially annoys me is that you and Norcal are not the only specimens of this species of bowel-Movement feces. All that distinguishes such from the jewusual ZOGlings is that they want to play Nutzi for a day.

Your point, AGAIN, is . . . . what?

--Martin Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri

P.S. If I am angry about this sort of silliness is that it is so Dog-awful common from those who claim to be with us. I get even madder when I think that most of this comes from those who are actually sometimes with us when they are not caring for theysselfs most of the time. They are our flies and they are eating our shit and they are bothering our People. --M.L.