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Default Ever see the movie...

"Coal Miner's Daughter"?

Remember the scene where Loretta Lynn's husband has her get into her nicest dress, and then, using a clean bedsheet as a backdrop, photographs her for her first demo album?

Unlike a lot of "Hollywood Falsehoods", that event really took place as retold in her autobiography.

Look at his picture again... How much does it cost to:

Comb hair?

Look at the camera?

Dress in a nice shirt? (Goodwill Thrift Store $4.00-8.00)

SMILE??? (mouth can be closed)

Nothing "silver spoon" about that. If he doesn't appear to have confidence in himself... How is anyone else going to have confidence in him?

Originally Posted by DR ANTICHRIST
Personaly I find a certain empty mocking feeling in the pictures that MacDonald posted. You got some rich guy who was mostly likey born with a sliverspoon in his ass, who really despises the working class. And who family has mostly likey been skrewing the working class whites for decades. Trying to pretend he he is one of you. What a sick joke. When really behind the phony grin he is thinking your all alot of shit smeared suckers working class peasents.

I once used to help out at the local town centre and that is where the local higher ups would have there private get togethers alot. With cretans of there own kind. Well anyways one of the jobs I had was helping to set the place up and help serve some of the food. Well holyshit you see the way the rich and there political rich buddies really talk about the working class. I did hear the words stupid peasents more then once. To sum it up I felt like I was in a snake pit. Yuck! Once a year at the local fair the politcal candiates all show up and I gill them all on the race issue it is fun to watch them sweat. But honestly there all snakes who are con men of the lowest kind.

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